Frequently asked questions

Will we get wet or muddy?

If you'd like to, yes! If you don't want to, no! There are several obstacles which have water and mud in them, and you are always welcome to go around them. In fact, you can skip any obstacles that you'd like to throughout the entire course.

As a parent, can I join along side them during the event?

YES, and it's very much encouraged, but not necessary! (why not? join them while you can, as they probably won't want you to join them at Prom in 10 years!) - When registering, please indicate the name of the 'Guardian/Parent' that will be joining the kid(s). - If this person changes, no problem, just notify us at packet pickup. - The SIDE-KICK must also sign a waiver. - It is Free for the SIDE-KICK. (but no, you don't get a rad medal or shirt)

Will there be traffic on the route?

The course is designed on both paved sidewalks, hard packed gravel, and grass. No traffic will be present on the course other than the RAD ROVER participants. There will be volunteers and officials along the course to ensure the safety of the ROVERS (Kids). There will be arrows on corners and turns within the courses as well.

What happens at the end of the event?

There will be free refreshments and drinks for participants and medals will be handed out individually on the finishers stage as each kid completes the RAD ROVER. We encourage all ROVERS and spectators to stay around for this event.

What ages are able to participate in the event?

Maximum Age Limit - not older than 11 years of age on event date. Minimum Age Limit – 3 years old on day of event *If you have a kid (potential ROVER) that is not in this age group, but would really like to join, please contact us through the website contact form.

Will times be recorded?

No. This is not a timed event.

What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

The event will still go on! Unless there is weather that puts our runners, volunteers, and event staff in physical danger, we'll still be on for a great time! If the event is cancelled prior to event day due to unsafe weather or other circumstances out of our control, your registration will be good for next year’s event.

What do I need to bring for my child?

Strongly encouraged: A CREATIVE COSTUME OF YOUR KIDS CHOICE!! • Hat to help block sun • sunscreen • water bottle / to fill before the event and stay hydrated (We will have one water station on the course and also at the finish festival area) • Comfortable athletic shoes. (NO OPEN TOED SHOES ALLOWED) • Extra set of clothes to change into if desired. (your ROVER may be a bit muddy/dirty after this adventure) • Each participant will receive a race number (with pins to attach to clothing).